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The Story

It all started during one of those zoom meetings in the middle of the pandemic. Javier was living in Barcelona while Gerardo in El Salvador. They quickly developed the idea of working together.  Sharing the same passion would make this project a lifetime adventure. 

This is how Visual Minds was born. They both moved to London in October 2020. Since then it's been a journey full of exciting yet challenging projects while meeting amazing people, with personal and  professional constant growth through this path.

The concept is simple: Visual Minds works with brands and people who thrive for being authentic, providing quality video content, working from the very first stage of the creative process until delivering the final project. 

As results-driven producers Visual Minds has gained the trust of clients by always keeping high standards of creative and technical services, especially by focusing on providing efficient solutions and teaming up with talented people. 

It's been already two years and Visual Minds is looking forward to keep growing and learning within the industry. Javier and Gerardo, two brothers sharing the same passion, working together while living their dream. 

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